Learn to Forget, Forgive, and Love

We all are going to die one day, might be tomorrow, might be in 60, 70 years. Today I received the news that one of the students who studied Business Administration with me at College had died. It definitely hurt, whether she was close friend, or college classmate, but it made me realize it could have been any of us at anytime, and that we don´t have life for granted.

So therefore I invite you to enjoy every day of your life:

  • If you have not been able to forgive someone that hurt you at a time, LEARN TO FORGIVE
  • If you had made some mistakes on your life, LEARN TO FORGET AND MOVE ON
  • If you haven´t say how much you love the people around you, LEARN TO LOVE AND EXPRESS YOURSELF
  • If you´re upset, mad, or confused about something, LEARN TO LET GO

We don´t have to wait until tomorrow to do everything we want, to feel free, to express ourselves, start practicing tonight, before it´s too late, or before you can regret

We only have 1 life, GET THE BEST OUT OF IT!

Be remembered for how happy you were, how much you enjoyed life, how much you helped others, how much you contributed to the world, how lovely you were, how passionate you were about life.

Be remembered for WHO YOU ARE, not for what others want you to be.

About elisaescamillam

¡Gracias por visitar mi blog! ツ Mi nombre es Elisa Escamilla, y ¡Me encanta ver la vida con una actitud positiva! Mi objetivo de vida es ayudar a las personas a que se desempeñen de mejor manera en su vida diaria. Mi filosofía de vida es vivir al máximo cada día, porque no sabremos si el día de mañana estaremos presentes. Éste blog contiene historias reales, experiencias, consejos y recomendaciones que pueden ser útiles para tu vida laboral y personal. ¡Espero lo disfrutes!

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