Why companies and leaders need Millennials?

Today I was reading “The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey Winning over the next generation of leaders” and it showed some interesting facts that I wanted to share attached with my thoughts about it.

When a student finishes College, they want to have a great job right away and start putting into practice what they´ve learned for years, nevertheless they discover that they learn much more because at Companies, there are real problems and it´s real life.

Employees should be constantly worried about giving their best! They need to be fully committed to the Companies and to their vision, mission and objectives.

But as years come by, employees are less engaged and committed to their current jobs. According to the study, two of three Millennials expect to leave their current jobs before 2020. Employees put their eyes on other companies, even though they have a current one.

In old times, when our parents were studying, they definitely envision themselves at 1 company. They saw themselves there for decades.

Nowadays, people get tired easily, barely nothing satisfies them, and they always want more. This feeling is not when they got the job, but while they are actually working. Something happens on their first months that makes them lose total engagement with the Company, so instead on focusing every day on giving THE BEST OF THEMSELVES, they are thinking about their “next move”.

The paper mentions that Millennials are in positions where they can shape the fortunes of the organizations. Millennials feel that the organizations where they work are not making full use of the skills they can offer, and that senior management do not worry about developing leadership skills. They care about “positive energy” in the companies, and they believe that success of a business is built on a foundation of long term sustainability rather than short term profit maximization.

So how can companies and leaders avoid this?

It is not solved just by not hiring Millennials, because YOU NEED THEM. You need innovative, creative people, who can contribute positively to your company, and who can help on your senior leaders decisions.

  • Millennials have great leadership skills, and they are looking forward to develop more.
  • Millennials love that their voices are heard in order to take strategic decisions.
  • Millennials need “to feel” that they work at a flexible environment.
  • Millennials need to see and understand the great impact of their work.
  • Millennials love to learn all time.
  • Millennials are proactive.
  • Millennials do not like being around negative people.
  • Millennials want to have a sense of purpose at their jobs.
  • Millennials want to express themselves.

The report says that a strong sense of purpose, inclusiveness and open communication make employees stay longer at work.

Some companies worry more about offering the best “value proposition” based on perks and benefits, and they just focus on that; believing this will make them stay, when the main issue is not the “offer of that package” but again, the sense of purpose, meaning and the contribution they have towards the Company.

This can be encouraged by leaders at the company. They are responsible of transmitting that sense of purpose in their daily activities, keep them informed on what they should do and how they are creating a big impact.


  • Involve your employees: Listen what they have to say, create a monthly meeting where they can provide great ideas for the development of the company.They can contribute a lot to your decision taking!
  • Encourage them to have a mentor.
  • Trust them and make them feel trusted.
  • Care about them and make activities that will make them feel more comfortable with their teams.
  • Communicate them all the information that is available and that they need in order to perform a better job.

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