Need more energy? Stay close to people. In my case, people give me energy! 

For everyone that wants to know where I take my energy from… I´ve been putting close attention to myself ever since last year, getting to know myself better… and I realized that my main power of energy is People.

Whomever knows me, will ask me “Where do you take so much energy from?” because I had always have problems when sleeping, so it is very hard for me to sleep more than 6 hours (and that´s a lot for me), and still I´m most of the times very active, moving everywhere and some can say with a lot of energy.

Lately I´ve been using the word “I´m tired, I´m exhausted” (that´s not real me).

But I realized that it is normal to feel that tired and that exhausting, after putting all your energy all day long. It´s not the same as when I was 18 haha.

Basically that is what happens. I start my day fully, then by lunch I need a 20 min quiet break, then I return to work, and recover all my energy until midnight. It´s basically like a battery which needs to recharge, and the main charge in my life is again…PEOPLE.

Why is that?

Well first of all I love what I do, so that makes it less stressful and I enjoy most of the times.

I stress, but in the good way, because I see stress as challenges, so it doesn´t make it boring. I always have something to do, and if I don´t, I will find something.

Second and thankful to say it, I am surrounded with amazing people at work, friends, family, who give me “good vibes”, encourage me, and make me a better person.

It is very motivating to have great people around yourself. Stick together to people who gives you positive energy.

So I thank people, because right now I´m 26 years old, I don´t know if tomorrow I will be here, but the present I´m living, I live it fully and with energy to keep on moving, helping, encouraging, and providing happiness.

About elisaescamillam

¡Gracias por visitar mi blog! ツ Mi nombre es Elisa Escamilla, y ¡Me encanta ver la vida con una actitud positiva! Mi objetivo de vida es ayudar a las personas a que se desempeñen de mejor manera en su vida diaria. Mi filosofía de vida es vivir al máximo cada día, porque no sabremos si el día de mañana estaremos presentes. Éste blog contiene historias reales, experiencias, consejos y recomendaciones que pueden ser útiles para tu vida laboral y personal. ¡Espero lo disfrutes!

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