Let´s all build a “hummingbird culture” in organizations!


Yesterday I found a hummingbird outside my window. I observed and recorded what it was doing, it took mostly 5 minutes. After the bird left, I approached and looked at the nest that the hummingbird had built. What was very nice was that inside the nest there were 2 little hummingbirds, then I understood that the mom had been feeding the little birds for 5 minutes. They needed food and the mom provided it.

During the afternoon, it rained a lot and I  honestly believed that the nest was going to be destroyed by the drops of water, but what I found out was that the hummingbird was taking care of them. She was protecting the nest!

So I want to share 3 best practices by assuming that:

  • Hummingbird mom = leaders in organizations
  • Hummingbirds = people / employees
  • Nest = company/organization
  1. As a leader: You need to find what your “hummingbirds need”. Listen them. Take those 5 minutes a day. Understand them. 
  2. Once you find out what they need and what they want..JUST DO IT! You know those tools will help them develop, grow and become successful employees in their personal and profesional life.
  3. As a company: Build your own nest of trust. The nest, that place where the employees feel protected, where they are happy, where they feel secure, where they feel listened, supported.

Then you will realize that as they are growing you have built a great culture, with great human beings, because you understood them, you listened them, and you helped them grow!

Let´s all build a hummingbird culture!

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