Own the most valuable collection in life! Learn how

There is people that collect spoons, plates, postcards, rocks, bells, cars, among other things. I myself have 2 collections: hotel care amenities (which is funny) and rings (which I love).

Every time my dad comes back from a trip, he puts on top of my desk a small gift, an amenity from the hotel where he stayed (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, shower cap or body lotion); in case it was a longer trip, he brings also a creative/different object which couldn´t be found anywhere else (a unique piece of jewelry, a cool gadget, etc.). His gifts represent that he thought about us during the trip.

He has kept this tradition for years, and at the same time my collection has become larger.

On the other hand, I have always admired handcrafted jewelry artists, I admire what it takes to create a creative piece of jewelry, therefore I have a collection of rings from places I have visited or travelled but there is only one requirement I have for the collection: it needs to be a unique piece of art that I cannot find anywhere else. Each ring has a story that comes alive when I use it, it brings up memories, moments, experiences and stories.

The relation I want to make with life and collections is that through our lives we collect lots of things, but try to start each morning collecting the best of that day: experiences, memories, moments and amazing stories to tell to our next generations.

Talking about collections think about this for a minute:

  • An object can get lost in time, but an experience lasts forever.
  • The value of an object can be variable, but the value of your life is invaluable.
  • An object is not forever, but your actions and decisions last forever and transcend.

I strongly believe that the most valuable collection that you can own is your life and the way you decide to live it.

A valuable collection is the one that:

  • Has an important meaning to you.
  • Represents something important to you.
  • Makes you feel proud of.
  • You want to share with the world.

I have decided to start my third collection “My collection of amazing moments every day” and you?

Live a life that has a meaning.

A life that makes you feel proud of.

A life that helps you become a better person and transcend in life.

Live a life where you collect the most precious memories, experiences, moments

 and amazing stories with people, friends and family.

We only live once! So start your own collection today!

About elisaescamillam

¡Gracias por visitar mi blog! ツ Mi nombre es Elisa Escamilla, y ¡Me encanta ver la vida con una actitud positiva! Mi objetivo de vida es ayudar a las personas a que se desempeñen de mejor manera en su vida diaria. Mi filosofía de vida es vivir al máximo cada día, porque no sabremos si el día de mañana estaremos presentes. Éste blog contiene historias reales, experiencias, consejos y recomendaciones que pueden ser útiles para tu vida laboral y personal. ¡Espero lo disfrutes!

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