The power of communities!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet an Uber driver at León, Guanajuato; as we were on our way to the airport he was using Waze app for directions. Shortly after, he told me the advantages that the app had and why he preferred to use it; he also explained to me how much he liked to use it because he was able to collaborate and help others.

During that interesting talk he said 6 words that caught my attention: “Waze is such a powerful community”.

Yes he said that Waze was “A powerful community”.
Most of the times we see apps just like apps, companies just like companies, home just like home. But each one of them represents a community. Size doesn’t actually matter, what really matters is the impact and the value they add.

I learned from him that a community is:

A place where you can contribute.
A place where you help others.
A place where there is a purpose.
A place where you don’t expect a payment back or a reward to be part of it.
A place where you meet different people.
A place where you learn and become better person.

It was interesting that he described an app as a community, a digital service turned into a complete community where people participate and add value, a place where there are thousands of collaborators which contribute to build a larger app that provides help to millions of people. It is very impressive to see the power that a single app can have on the world.

I invite you to create powerful communities and collaborate with others.

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