Employee Engagement: Companies need it and just a few people understand it!

Look at the whole picture

Companies, countries, and institutions have studied “Employee Engagement” for decades. It´s not a new topic, but it´s on the spotlight!

Thanks to the internet, there is a lot of useful information that you can find online such as papers from early 1990´s until 2016, recent case studies from the top consulting firms like McKinsey&Company, Boston Consulting Group, among others.

Information has become a very valuable resource for companies, because it has helped them develop strategies in order to keep their employees engaged; nevertheless it has not been enough, and instead of reducing the percentage of employees that are not engaged it has increased radically!

Something is missing. Companies are not looking at the whole picture.

They had focused on productivity and profitability and had forgotten about the most important asset they have: people. Companies must be working on strategies in order to have their employees motivated, engaged and happy. By consequence, employees can help the company achieve optimum results in order to take the company to the next level.

Understand people

It is easy to understand employees if we listen them. Those who have listened, are doing it right! Those who have not listened, are wasting time and money.

There are some interesting insights that research has proven. Employees are very creative, they want flexibility, they want to participate on decision taking, and they want to work on something where they feel part of and that has a great impact on society.

Learn from the best

Companies like DeliveringHappiness, Airbnb, Makerbot, Paypal, Change.org, Flipkart, among others have created new job positions (Engagement Strategy Manager, Happiness Manager, Engagement Manager, Chief Happiness Officer, Chief People Officer, and Chief Employee Experience Officer) which main objective is Employee Engagement, and where their main focus is people! Understanding their needs, taking decisions based on what is best for them, providing the best tools to help them grow in their personal and professional lives.

Technology has given us more time!

Technology has provided us the opportunity to develop amazing products, services and effective solutions that allow us to reach more people globally.

We say we do not have time, so we need solutions that can be implemented quickly; solutions that provide us accurate information that we can analyze fast and therefore take better decisions and have better results immediately. It sounds utopic right? But it is possible, and some have already take advantage of the opportunity. They have saved time and money because they understood what companies needed.

Companies need online platforms where they can:

Visualize team´s engagement, understand their people, get feedback in order to improve, collaborate with others, communicate, measure performance and become a community. Engage, engage, and engage.

Successful Platforms

Humanize raised 4 mi USD in Series A round led by Romulus Capital.

Peakon raised 4 mi Euros in Series A.

There are others online which you can take a look at: Wooboard, Wespire, SmartHub.

Think about it and “just do it”!

Globally, the lack of employee engagement has increased.

Investors are willing to invest their money on employee engagement platforms.

Companies need information about their people in order to build strategies to keep them engaged.

People need to participate, communicate and collaborate, they need to grow and develop.

Wherever there is a need, there is a business opportunity! So what are you waiting for?

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