What I learned and liked about Mindfulness

Be conscious. Breathe. Enjoy life. Forgive.

Help others. Listen.

Think about the present. Live now.

Stop worrying about things that do not deserve your time.

Think positive. Be proud of yourself. Encourage others.

Learn from your mistakes. Move on.

Yesterday I finished a Mindfulness Course at Monterrey City.

For over 2 months I got more familiarized with the mindfulness term and its benefits.

For those who don´t know yet what Mindfulness means, it is the state of being conscious or aware.

So throughout this short article, I want to share what I learned and liked about mindfulness.


  • To enjoy silence: I enjoy being around people and talking with everyone, nevertheless we all need those silent moments and certain space. We need to enjoy that time of reflection, of serious thoughts and consideration. We need to step back for a minute and listen to ourselves.
  • To enjoy “mode-on” activities: There are daily activities that we do by instinct like eating, driving and walking, but as we have done them repeatedly we stop feeling the part of enjoyment.
  • To listen: I learned to put more attention on conversations of people. Not just hearing, but listening and pay careful attention to everything they say.


  • Finding myself in a place I didn´t know I could be.
  • Practicing meditation, yoga and meeting people with same interests.
  • Learning from people: It is very interesting to be in groups where you can find people from all ages, because you feel empathy and have a different perspective about situations that you may be experiencing in the future, and that others have already lived.


  • To practice, practice, practice mindfulness.
  • To show others what I learned.
  • To believe in the benefits that this is bringing to my life.

Hope all this advice helps you to be better and become a better person.

About elisaescamillam

¡Gracias por visitar mi blog! ツ Mi nombre es Elisa Escamilla, y ¡Me encanta ver la vida con una actitud positiva! Mi objetivo de vida es ayudar a las personas a que se desempeñen de mejor manera en su vida diaria. Mi filosofía de vida es vivir al máximo cada día, porque no sabremos si el día de mañana estaremos presentes. Éste blog contiene historias reales, experiencias, consejos y recomendaciones que pueden ser útiles para tu vida laboral y personal. ¡Espero lo disfrutes!

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