How to transform organizations?

If you are a person who wants to change and transform organizations, you need to:

1. Listen to others: People will provide you information; information helps you take the right decisions!

2. Have a clear objective: You cannot start something if you don´t have a purpose or an established goal that you want to achieve.

3. Be transparent and loyal: People will trust you, this is one of the most important points! Remember that everything you are doing is for the benefit of employees and the whole organization.

4. Create your own methodology or follow an existing one: It is easier to accomplish goals and objectives if you have a guide to follow. Find one fits better.

5. Have a positive attitude: For every change you need to start changing first. You don´t need to take things personally. You need to be smart at listening, receiving feedback and at the same time be emotionally intelligent. Learning how to manage relationships and situations in every level.

Nothing is 100% perfect, so there will be negative moments, but what matters the most is the way you respond to those moments and move on.

6. Turn the “NO, NO, NO” into “YES YES YES”: Be persistent, our “millennial” way of thinking is different but it is ok!

Companies have their own processes that “have always worked that way”, but what if you identified something that can be better? Feel free to provide great ideas!

It will be hard to get the first “yes” on everything you propose to CEO, directors or employees, but it is a constant challenge to yourself, because once you got a “yes”, you need to do everything that is on your hands to make it a total success, then again next time, and again and again. At a certain time you will realize that things move easily and that most of the times it´s YES, because they trust that you can provide successful results.

7. Provide disruptive and creative ideas: People say my ideas are crazy. But guess what… I understood that crazy is not bad. You need to create ideas that people could have never imagined.

People love things that are different, things that remain forever in their minds, or in their lives. If you create something innovative, create something that will always be there, no matter what happens or changes.

8. Explore inside, outside and globally: Do not limit your “idea box” to information gathered from your friends, you better ask everyone around you, listen to different audiences, ask in groups or forums, put on twitter questions and direct them to great influencers who can share ideas too, look at companies that you admire or that practice great ideas too.

A good idea that helps me innovate is: reading a lot, exploring outdoors, asking people, and then I put all together all that cloud of ideas and create “the one”.

9. Become the best salesperson of your ideas! Believe in yourself. It will not work if you don´t sell the great idea since the beginning. People need to imagine the great impact that you will be creating, they need to feel part of it and collaborate. If you are 100% convinced that it will work, it will actually work and be successful!

10. Never stop trying: Every day is a new day to try and learn. Never stop trying! If something doesn´t work, just try harder but never give up!

11. Track your results: Measure the before and after. Use that valuable information for taking other great decisions.

What I guarantee is SUCCESS!

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¡Gracias por visitar mi blog! ツ Mi nombre es Elisa Escamilla, y ¡Me encanta ver la vida con una actitud positiva! Mi objetivo de vida es ayudar a las personas a que se desempeñen de mejor manera en su vida diaria. Mi filosofía de vida es vivir al máximo cada día, porque no sabremos si el día de mañana estaremos presentes. Éste blog contiene historias reales, experiencias, consejos y recomendaciones que pueden ser útiles para tu vida laboral y personal. ¡Espero lo disfrutes!

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