Inbound Notes: Ja-Nae Duane: See, touch and Feel:How to measure experiential marketing.

– Use music to guide audience into a world we can only create.
– When connecting with your audience, is by creating experiences, genuine and create human connections.
– 67% is spent by repeat customers vs first time customers.
only 4% american consumers thing that marketing industry behaves with integrity.
EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING: Most powerful way to innovate
– Drives innovative ideas and revenue while building evangelists.
– 71% share information about their experiences with peers and family members.
Engagement+Activate senses+Emotion=Deep Consumer Connection.
At least have 2 of those pieces.
How they are gonna engage through this experience?
They are your partners, not your customers.
Incorporate into creative process.
1)BRANDS don´t know how to co-create.
98%of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation.
Example: MILKA believes that small things make a big difference.
2)BRANDS don´t know how to incorporate customer feedback.
91% of unhappy customers simply leave.
Example: they knew that they had a challenge and opportunity. REINVENT RETAIL.
Incorporated into decision making process… the company was listening their customers.
created loyalty, they were all building a brand.
How to incorporate customer feedback?
open innovation system where they can submit ideas: STARBUCKS.
they allowed customers to give ideas.
3)BRANDS are afraid to give up control.
Recommendation are social prove that your company is worth the investment.
Amazon? Yelp? Airbnb? Before making a purchase…
92% people trust recommendation even they don´t know them.
INCORPORATE  customers into this process.
Example: Carlsberg
Probably the best poster in the world…REIMAGINE THE PINT
Find reasons to make customers come back.
What creates a great experience:
1) Adds value
2) Unique or one of a kind experience.
3) Worth recommending.
4) Benefits are clear.
     They care about how you are gonna help them.
5) Experiences are scalable.
     Create something that has legacy.
6) Created from customer feedback.
7) Sharable.
measuring through the sales funnel.
1) Awareness: Social impressions brand sentiment.
2) Interest: Email signups.
3) Consideration New users
4) Sale $$$
5) Reocurring Consumer: increase in CLV: Increase in evangelists.

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