Learn about culture and employees. Great insights from Patty McCord-Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix.

I wanted to share what I´ve learned from one of the most highly experienced women in United States who fully understands culture, employee engagement and people.

Here I share a list of insights she shared with us:

  • Analyze behaviors.
  • Focus on a bright team.
  • Write down things that make culture amazing.
  • Have clear objectives.
  • Give ton of freedom.


  • They lay low.
  • They wanted Blockbuster to see them as competitor when it was too late.
  • It took years, until they ran out of money.
  • We knew our customers, the costs, everything.
  • We needed to create a culture which will persevere.
  • We didn´t know that we could be copied, but they couldn´t copy the personalization, the data set of what customers watch.
  • In the culture, it became the truth that it was whatever the customer says it was.
  • We were so believers.


How do they scale and build a collective leadership?

  • Paying attention on the way you do it.
  • Create a culture that could use date. We have a language in the company, have an opinion, take a stand, and be right most of your time.
  • Who cares about your opinion if you are not willing to take decisions?
  • What information will you use to take decisions?
  • What is your hypothesis? How would you measure it?

Efficiency, coordination: That requires discipline.

  • After every meeting THINK: Have we made decisions and how are we going to communicate?
  • When you want to live a culture, you need to live it.
  • Leaders are everyone. They demonstrate your values.
  • Believe in the brand and really understand it.

Just be honest.

  • Someday is not time… In 6 months if your organization is amazing, look at it and see what has occurred that is not occurring now? is it more revenues? More customers?  Give all metrics.  What is it look like? Right people in the right rooms? What will people need to learn? What is the strength in the organization that you don´t have now? What kind of experiences you need?

It is always about scale our complexity.

  • Then: Build your team and have conversations with the team you want to build not about each personal career.
  • Have real conversations with a person that as leaders we need to have about what the future looks like, what quality looks like? What you need to accomplish?

You can have honest conversations if its truth.

  • Happiness surveys are not connected to the company.
  • What business metric is affected by the performance? not HR metrics, but business.

Business metrics

  • What are your results? Your outcome?
  • Measuring just once a year? Measure q1,q2,q3,a4.
  • Sometimes innovation is stopping to do things that don´t matter or don´t work.
  • Effective, efficient and performance.
  • Figure out the problems you have.

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