Facebook´s Legacy Contact: Tips to improve communication and be more sensitive with your users

I found out last night that Facebook has a thing named Legacy Contact, what it means basically is that you can put a friend as a contact that can manage your account in case something bad happens and you´re not longer alive.

The thing I saw that caught my eye, was that words can have different messages and therefore become insensitive, emotionless, etc.

Here is an example:

If I do the actual translation it says: Choose someone who can administer your account when you are death/pass away. This person will be able to: Fix a post, respond to requests, update your profile.


I know one day in my life I will die, also I understand people can have bad situations, and maybe their accounts are still there, unfortunately some people I had as friends have died before expected. So its totally perfect that Facebook made this but I believe there are better ways to manage that kind of communication, where the company can be more empathic.






As a user I think Facebook is giving the wrong message, when I read it I feel:

Facebook is saying: You will die, choose someone that can administer your account.

But what if they said…..

  • Choose a person to manage your account in case of decease.
  • Elige a una persona para manejar tu cuenta en caso de fallecimiento.

Here the message that the user can get is more appropriate, more respectful, more empathic and more sensitive.

  • When you die – In case of a decease.
  • Cuando fallezcas – En caso de fallecimiento.

The in case is transmitting a possibility of death. We know we are dying, but in terms of death is better to be more sensitive, we don´t like to be remembered that we will die. We just think about the possibility that maybe tomorrow we are not longer here.

The in case of decease is more proper than being too direct saying when you pass away.

That is my opinion, depending on the communication and the topics, companies must say the words straight, direct so the users can understand, but let´s remember there is always a better way to say things and be more empathic with hard situations as it is loosing a person.


Even though it takes a while, yes…sometimes it can take hours to get one line, but think strategically what words are the best for communicating your message. Is it appropriate? Is it respectful? Is it empathic?

Always think as a user. How would you like to receive a message? What would you like to see? How would you want to feel when you read that?

Great marketers have always talked about: Emotions, love to the brands and empathy with customers.

Let´s put that into practice.

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