The most amazing community: The World!

Voice, welcome, resist, support, love, family, home, let, all, open, stand up, life, world, future, friends, respect, human being, justice.

These are the words that caught my eye from the signs in the protests of Women´s March and Muslim Ban.

What is a community? It is a group of people who have something in common and who share ideas, thoughts and values.

A community is more than that!

My definition of community is a group of people who are empathic with each other. People who are not afraid of giving to others and sharing their thoughts, a group of people who have created a special connection built on love, kindness and support.

Over the past few days, it has been a large wave of emotions for everybody: negative and positive. I have been upset, I have felt anger, sadness, deception and other feelings that I believe you have experienced as well, but at the same time I have felt amazed, surprised and proud.

Have you realized how the Global Community has shown amazing acts of empathy, kindness, support and love?

I am shocked that in less than a week, there has been a great response from countries, companies and people who are doing everything to help others, everything to stand up and everything to express what they feel and what they want.

This is the power of the communities in the World. All these negative outcomes have showed us how the World is the most Powerful Community where an important cause unite us. It doesn´t matter how many differences we have, how many disagreements some countries can have with others: We have all become a caring community.

Thanks to social media and to the Internet, we have seen thousands of pictures of amazing communities who have gathered all around the World supporting something they believe in.

Here I share some of the amazing pictures and news from communities that are creating a big change:

Women´s March:

Protesters on 42nd Street in front of Grand Central Terminal during the Women’s March in New York. 





Muslim Ban: Countries, companies and people have been very supportive with immigrants.

Protests occured at airports in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and outside of Washington, D.C., where foreign travelers were being detained.

Inside the Huge JFK Airport Protest Over Trump’s Muslim Ban

Chicago Airport

Washington Airport:

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