Content that Engages with Audiences: 3 companies that have nailed it!

We define experiences as the positive or negative events and moments at a certain time in life.
We are all storytellers…yes!
I´ve realized that companies spend too much money on having the best picture, the right post, the most amazing campaign and to tell the best story where their product or service can engage with their audience.
They believe one post is effective or is not, but they need to understand that one post is a part of a strategy.
It takes time to measure the effectiveness of a post or a campaign (at least 2 or 3 months).
You need to build the right strategy to start telling your story.
We´ve listened from content experts that the most effective is to be authentic and to develop lot of content which is attractive to specific audiences.
The challenge of companies is not to think out of the box, but to make the right questions.



I will give a few examples of companies which I believe have nailed it!

1) Century 21

We all know that Century 21 is a company that manages real estate.
The interesting part about their latest campaigns is that
Their hashtag #Adulting 
They started talking to a different audience, they talk to younger people.
Why? These are the people who will be looking for properties and who will be interesting in their products.
Now…this is just one part.
Another interesting fact is that they started developing LOTS AND LOTS OF CONTENT.
They started BLOGGING…TIPS!
  • “BBQ hosting tips”
  • “How to start a fire without calling dad?”
  • “Lifesaving conversation hacks”
  • “Ready to meet some new people? Get out there, don´t wait for an invite!”.
You see? Their images and content are not actually showing the houses or buildings, it is showing the experiences you can live at those type of places (at home, at an office, etc).




Play doh is about developing creativity. It gives you the flexibility to imagine, to create, to build whatever is on your mind and to dream big.
If you see their Instagram account you will realize that instead of showing a kid using play doh, their content is about providing  great ideas for building great things.
They create stories.



Media & news.
They already have amazing content but they want to attract readers to their news and they do it by sharing the best images that connect you with certain stories, situations or places. They connect with your emotions as well.
Their images are provided by the Community. They have great content all around the World.




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